Products and Services

Rod Packing Seals

Rod packing seals designed for maximum seal life & efficiency. High performance non-metallics ensure low wear, even in difficult non-lubricated service. In-house manufacture ensures highest quality achieved.

Oil Wiper Rings

Oil wiper seals designed and manufactured to eliminate crankcase oil leakage.

Cylinder Rings

Piston and rider rings to suit any cylinder configuration. Designs include single or multiple piece, overlap joint, pressure relieved and pressure balanced. Latest technology polymeric materials to suit even the most difficult non-lubricated applications.

Pressure Packing

Complete pressure packing assemblies to suit any gas application. Fully compliant with API618, including zero emissions provision.

Pressures up to 60 MPa, all materials including corrosion resistant exotics.

Proprietary Materials

Our materials cover all compressor applications including, high pressure, low temperature / dew point, dirty or contaminated, sour and reactive gases.

Compressor Valves

Compressor valves to suit all applications, custom designed to meet specific operating parameters. Sealing elements are of advanced non-metallics, suction valve unloaders & actuators designed to give optimum performance. In-house developed re-calculation and performance analysis software is used.

Frame Parts

Compressor pistons and piston rods designed and manufactured in accordance with API618. Materials such as spheroidal graphite iron and titanium-aluminium alloys are often used. Pistons can be hollow cast or fully machined. Piston rods supplied with durable tungsten carbide coated sealing surfaces.